Since the launch of Ironclad at Cereals earlier this year, the feedback from famers has been excellent. The latest efficacy trials, conducted by i2L Research near Newcastle, has provided further robust data against current market standards.

Caged arena trials assessed the level of crop protection offered by Ironclad against two commercially available wet processed pellets. Pellets were applied at a pro-rata rate of 7kg/ha to identical arenas (1m x 1m), each with the same population of slugs.

Having ingested a lethal dose of ferric phosphate from the pellets, slugs will stop feeding immediately, thereby protecting the crop from any further damage, but will retreat underground before dying. As a result, slug carcasses are rarely visible on the soil surface. Monitoring crop damage rather than dead slugs gives a far better indication of pellet efficacy.

Ironclad trials data

The level of slug feeding damage to the crop was assessed over 14 days. Results showed that Ironclad provided the best overall control and therefore the best crop protection during the period of study. This demonstrates the excellent palatability and efficacy of Ironclad pellets.

Ironclad pellet integrity

Pellet integrity assessments were also recorded during the trials. All treatments were exposed to the same rainfall and natural weathering processes. Again, the data showed Ironclad performed exceptionally well, demonstrating comparable integrity to higher priced wet processed pellets. This data reinforces Ironclad’s “Rainproof Formulation” label statement and will give farmers confidence of its longevity in field conditions.

Manufactured with 37g/kg of active ingredient, Ironclad is the most concentrated formulation of ferric phosphate slug pellet on the market. Combine this with excellent palatability, durability and competitive pricing, and it’s easy to understand why farmers are switching to Ironclad.

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