After months (and years) of work and planning, the factory is up and running producing the first batch of Ironclad.

The team at Doff have been producing pellets for many years but Ironclad is being produced using a new technique called DuraTech.

The Duratech process creates a pellet that is extremely well binded, to ensure longevity in wet conditions, is palatable to slugs and is highly visible on the soil surface by way of a strong and retentive dye. Even after rain, the pellet will retain its vivid blue colour.

UK trials have shown that Irondclad’s integrity under field conditions is comparable to established durum wheat pellet formulations that already have a reputation for quality.

Ironclad is formulated using ferric phosphate, an active ingredient which has been used in slug control for 10 years. However some farmers have yet to use it, until now preferring to stick to metaldehyde-based pellets.

Unlike metaldehyde, ferric phosphate does not cause instant slug death. Instead, having ingested a lethal dose, the slug immediately stops feeding, thereby protecting the crop, but is still able to retreat underground before dying. As a result, slug carcasses are not visible on the soil surface, famers should therefore monitor the level of crop protection when assessing efficacy.


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