Ironclad is the first UK manufactured Ferric Phosphate slug pellet.  Marketed by Gemini slug pellets and manufactured by Doff Portland in Nottingham.

James Kennedy director at Gemini Slug Pellets commented “Having a UK production site not only allows for rapid response to demand but also supports British farmers by using British wheat in the production process.” 

Doff have manufactured slug pellets since 1946 and  over recent years, have invested significantly in developing this new pellet, in developing the Duratech manufacturing process which supports it and in the trials and related studies necessary to obtain authorisation. 

James continued “Having the registration issued on the 4th June certainly gave us a lot to talk about at Cereals this year – given the weather during the shows it feels like there’ll be strong demand for the product”.

Ironclad is approved for use on a wide range of crops including potatoes, cereals and OSR with up to 4 applications per crop and a maximum individual dose of 7kg/ha.

Following the revocation of metaldhyde, farmers have lost a great deal of choice when it comes to slug control, not only in terms of active ingredient but also pellet formulation.  The remaining registered slug pellets are all based on ferric phosphate. 

Doff have developed their DuraTech technology for the manufacture of Ironclad.  Duratech is an advanced steam extrusion process using a balance of moisture and temperature to achieve starch gelatinization. 

James concluded “Ironclad has come to market just in time to provide farmers and agronomists with choice. In Ironclad’s use of DuraTech, we offer an alternative formulation to other available ferric phosphates pellets. It is robust and reliable, and supplied at a competitive price that will help farmers to keep their cost of production down.”


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