Gemini Slug Pellets was formed in 2019 as a separate business to Gemini Agriculture Ltd, to bring to market IRONCLAD, the first and only British made ferric phosphate slug pellet. 

Founded by James Kennedy, with 18 years experience in UK agrochemicals, Gemini Slug Pellets is proud to be marketing Ironclad.

Ironclad is manufactured using Duratech technology that uses an advanced steam extrusion technique to produce a high quality pellet. Ironclad is extremely palatability to slugs and has been approved as being a rainproof formulation with excellent integrity, longevity and durability in field conditions.

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James Kennedy

James Kennedy



The news is spreading as more farmers switch to Ironclad.
Farmer Tom endorsing Ironclad slug pellets

Tom Martin


"We're buying Ironclad, ferric phosphate slug pellets....."

Michael Scantlebury

Michael Scantlebury


"We are in a Thames Water area providing ecosystem services to reduce methaldehyde in the water supply; I made the switch to Ferric Phosphate pellets last year and was happy with the level of slug control achieved. The opportunity to use a price competitive British produced product this year was too good to miss."

Ben Stroud

Ben Stroud


"We are using a new British manufactured Ferric Phosphate product from Gemini Slug Pellets."

Ben Abell

Ben Abell


"The quality and spreadability of Ironclad has been great and the price difference over a large area v's other ferric pellets, is significant!!"


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